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Welcome To Dickinson Chiropractic Clinic

We welcome patients of all ages. At Dickinson Chiropractic we have been performing spinal rehab for neck pain, back pain, arm/leg pain, sports, auto and work related injuries. For those of you who are new and experienced with the chiropractic profession, we offer a free consultation explaining the philosophy of chiropractic care and our services.

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About Dr. Dickinson

Dr. Dickinson was born and raised in Franklin, Massachusetts. He received his Bachelors of Science degree from the University of Massachusetts in 1991. He then went on to graduate Summa Cum Laude with a Doctorate of Chiropractic degree from Palmer College of Chiropractic in 1995.  He began practicing in the greater Boston area before opening his own practice in Franklin in 1998. Dr. Dickinson and his wife Keri, a physical therapist with 15 years of experience, have been helping patients achieve healthier and more active lives without pain. Whether we are caring for infants thru teens, young adults to elderly, our clinic motto has always been “Helping Active People Stay Active”.



Dr. Dickinson is now accepting new patients. We will evaluate the joint function in your spine and at any other joint that seems to be causing you pain or limited range of motion. He provides safe and effective adjustments to the spine and other joints in order to help you achieve optimal health. In addition to the adjustment you may also receive traction, electrical muscle stimulation, ultrasound, trigger point therapy, soft tissue massage and application of heat or ice. If you have an injury that requires immobilization during the healing process, Dr. Dickinson will tape the area to provide the necessary amount of restriction.

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Nutrition/Lifestyle Counseling

In order for the nervous system to operate most efficiently, the spine which surrounds it must move properly, and the rest of the body must be properly nourished and taken care of. Optimal health is best achieved through chiropractic adjustments delivered during a state of optimum nutrition and reduced stress. Dr. Dickinson will discuss your nutrition and exercise habits, as well as your lifestyle in general. He will offer you tailored advice as to how you might improve these areas, and in turn, your overall health. He might also recommend various supplements to aid in your treatment, recovery and/or to promote general nutritional health.

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Customized Stretches and Exercises

Dr. Dickinson strives to put you in charge of your health. To that end, in addition to the aforementioned serves, as a patient of Dickinson Chiropractic Center you can expect to receive exercise training that will help you manage your pain and maintain your health at home. You will be instructed on how to perform a variety of stretches and exercises designed to meet your specific needs.

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As a patient of Dickinson Chiropractic Center you will receive specific wellness tips like these. Good health is achievable – let us help you!

Sit up straight

It is critical that you develop the habit of good posture. Proper posture allows the musculature pulling on the spine to do so in a balanced way. When your muscles work in this manner, the spine will feel less restricted.

Eat your fruits and vegetables

Nutrients are the fuel that helps your body run efficiently. When the body is forced to operate on low quality fuel, it is operates less efficiently. This makes you susceptible to infection, it makes you tired and it increases your likelihood of acquiring disease. Proper nutrition, i.e. a balance of carbohydrate, fat, protein, vitamins, minerals and water, is the best insurance policy you can have for maintaining good health.

Go to sleep

At least 8 hours of every day should be devoted to sleep. During sleep, the body focuses its energy on restoring and healing the body. When you deprive yourself of proper rest, the body becomes stressed and begins to breakdown. When you are sleeping, remember the importance of proper posture; don’t just sleep on your stomach (which can strain muscles in your neck and back), practice sleeping on your back and sides as well.

Turn off the TV

Get up and move! Adding additional movement to your daily routine will promote proper joint and muscle function. Adding a regular exercise routine to your day will build stronger muscles and will facilitate greater range of motion in your joints, as well as improved health. The only way to effectively balance caloric intake is to offset it with adequate exercise.

Don’t pick that up

Don’t lift anything that is too heavy for you. If you are lifting heavy objects, make sure that you remember to ‘lift with your legs, and not with your back’. If you carry a backpack or purse everyday, make sure that it is not too heavy. Choose styles which distribute the weight evenly rather than concentrating it all on one shoulder. The key is to minimize the workload on your back.


  • "I have been seeing Dr. Dickinson for over six years. I have suffered my entire life with migraine.He has been able to reduce the incidence from over 9 a month to under 3. A tune-up [ or adjustment] is such a beneficial thing. He takes care of me with caring and a great sense of humor. My husband and I were victims of a rear end crash and saw Dr. Dickinson on a very regular basis. With his care we were able to avoid any lasting pain. I would recommend him to anyone in need or not.

  • "I developed back pain after twisting my ankle at a job site which caused me to walk with a limp. I eventually needed to take time off from work. I called Dr. Dickinson on a wednesday and was back to work full duties by monday. I shouldnt have waited for a problem to happed to start taking care of my back. Thanks Dr. D for all your help."

  • I have been a patient of Dr. Dickinson for about 5 years. Before receiving treatment I suffered with chronic neck and shoulder pain and had very limited range of motion. I felt improvement after my first treatment and am virtually pain free now and have much improved range of motion and am able to maintain an active lifestyle. I continue to get maintenance treatments just to keep everything aligned. I have never had to wait more than 5 minutes for my appointment and he is very accomodating with trying to fit me in when needed. He is professional and courteous and always spends time answering any questions I may add and also has a good sense of humor. I trust him with my spine and would absolutely recommend him."

  • "I have been a patient of Dr. Dickinson for about three years now. Working at a desk job for eight years has not been good for my neck and back. In fact, for many years, I suffered debilitating migraines that sent me home from work early, and affected my personal life. For a long time, I figured it was all just due to stress. The first time visiting Dr. Dickinson, he told me, “the headaches are easy to get rid of!” Since that visit, I have not had a single migraine headache. Dr. Dickinson also offers helpful daily stretches that really work. I would recommend Dr. Dickinson to anyone suffering from any kind of back or neck pain. If I could go back in time, I would have become a patient of Dr. Dickinson a very long time ago!"